Tesla spotted building a bunch of cars in wild new colors

Tesla has been spotted producing a bunch of cars in wild new colors out of Gigafactory Shanghai.

Could these be the new factory wraps that the company teased?

For a premium automaker, Tesla has very limited color options.

It used to offer much more paint color options, but in an attempt at streamlining production, Tesla has significantly cut down paint options to just a handful over the last few years.

Recently, the automaker has been teasing new colors enabled by its new paint shop at Gigafactory Berlin.

But the automaker has been talking about another way to get new colors on your Tesla vehicles too.

Last year, Tesla announced that it would be offering factory wraps in China on its official Weibo account.

While Tesla made the announcement last year, we haven’t seen any confirmed example of wraps done directly by Tesla.

Tesla owners have been doing wraps on their cars for years through third-party, but Tesla offering the service itself would be new.

Now for the first time, Tesla has been spotted producing new cars out of Gigafactory Shanghai with brand new colors in a new drone flyover by Jason Yang:

It’s not clear if those are new paint colors or wraps, but the wide variety of new colors could point to the latter.

Here’s a closer look at some of those colors, which include light blue, turquoise and even pink:

However, Tesla previously said that its wrap service would work through its delivery centers and not straight from the factory, which is the case here.

Wrapping a car is not cheap mostly because it’s labor extensive, but there are efficiency improvements that can be achieved by specializing in specific models, like Tesla doing it for its own vehicles.

If those new wild colors are from factory wraps, it would be interesting to see how much Tesla is charging for them if it will expand to other markets.

What do you think? Let us know in the comment section below.

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