In the modern era, the impact of climate change is being increasingly felt through the surge in flood risks in urban areas. The rise in heavy rainfall disasters has transformed into a global concern requiring innovative solutions. Traditional numerical simulations have been utilized to predict flooding events caused by heavy rain and river overflows. However, the presentation of results on flat maps has often hindered detailed risk assessments, leading to challenges in effectively communicating flood risks to residents.

The Innovation of Mobile Mixed Reality System

A groundbreaking development by researchers at Osaka University has brought forth a revolutionary mobile mixed reality (MR) system aimed at transforming flood risk visualization. By leveraging server-based rendering and web-based access, this innovative technology offers real-time flood risk visualization capabilities. Through the utilization of this MR system, urban populations can now access dynamic flood forecasts directly on their mobile devices.

The advent of this mobile MR system has the potential to significantly enhance community preparedness and response to flood risks. By offloading the computational workload to a server, the MR displays can be efficiently rendered, enabling real-time visualization on commonly-used mobile devices such as smartphones. This accessibility is further bolstered by the ability to access MR displays through web browsers, eliminating the need for specialized applications.

One of the key advantages of this mobile MR system is its ability to democratize access to advanced flood forecasting tools. By intelligently assigning rendering servers from a pool of options, the system ensures optimal performance and scalability. This approach eliminates the constraints of dedicated software, opening up the possibility for widespread participation in MR visualizations. As lead author Ryoma Tsujimoto aptly summarizes, “As climate change heightens flood risks, mitigating these risks is crucial.”

The introduction of the mobile mixed reality system by Osaka University represents a significant milestone in flood risk visualization technology. By enabling real-time visualization of flood forecasts on mobile devices, this innovation has the potential to empower communities to better prepare for and respond to flood events. Through democratizing access to advanced flood forecasting tools, this system paves the way for a more informed and resilient urban population in the face of increasing climate change challenges.


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