As we age, the risk of cognitive impairment and dementia increases, especially for individuals with elevated blood pressure. However, a recent study conducted by an international team of researchers found that intense physical exercise could play a significant role in preserving cognitive function in older adults.

The study included 9,361 US adults over the age of 50 who were non-diabetic and at a high risk of cardiovascular disease. The participants were required to engage in relatively intense physical exercise, such as jogging, at least once a week. The results showed that those who met this criteria had a lower incidence of mild cognitive impairment and probable dementia compared to those who did not engage in intense physical activity.

Physician and clinical professor Richard Kazibwe highlighted the benefits of intense physical exercise on cognitive function, heart health, and blood pressure management. While the exact amount and intensity of exercise needed to preserve cognition remain unknown, the study suggests that engaging in vigorous physical activity can have a positive impact on cognitive decline.

Although nearly 60% of the study participants met the criteria for intense physical exercise, the protective benefits seemed to diminish for individuals over the age of 75. However, Kazibwe emphasized the importance of older adults recognizing the significance of exercise and being more inclined to engage in higher-intensity activities.

One limitation of the study was that participants self-reported their exercise routines without independent assessment. While the data suggested a link between intense physical activity and cognitive function, more detailed research is needed to establish a direct correlation. Future studies should include device-based physical activity measurements and a more diverse range of participants to further analyze this relationship.

The impact of intense physical exercise on cognitive function in older adults is a promising area of research. While there is evidence to support the benefits of vigorous exercise in preserving cognitive function, further studies are required to fully understand the relationship between intense physical activity and cognitive impairment. As we continue to age, staying active and maintaining good physical health may play a crucial role in warding off cognitive decline and dementia.


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