Would Headlights Work at Light Speed?

If you were driving at the speed of light and turned on your headlights, what would happen?
Sources and extras below!!

Thanks to Jude for asking me this question on twitter!

“The Life of the Cosmos” by Lee Smolin:
“In Search of the Multiverse” by John Gribbin:
“The Pig That Wants to be Eaten: by Julian Baggini:

Relevant MinutePhysics videos:

light slowing down in glass:
a different perspective from Sixty Symbols about light slowing down:

Why is “c” the speed of light?

Car at light speed:

Light speed is the same in all inertial frames of reference:

Relativistic addition of velocities:

doppler shift:


Light speed and catching-up to light.

Q: What would you experience if you were going the speed of light?

Other good relativity resources:

Light echo footage:

“fine-tuned” universe:

Irrational numbers:

a million digits of pi:



animated drawings by Guy Larsen
rocketship animation by Eric Langay

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